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This kit will address issues that can cause limp mode, low power, low mileage and smoking in any 1999.5-2003 Jetta TDI, Golf TDI or 1998-2003 New Beetle TDI. This kit includes:
VNT-15 Turbocharger Vane Actuator
Genuine Bosch Mass Airflow Sensor (newest revision "C")
N75 Pressure Converter Valve by Pierburg


Premium Silicone Vacuum Hose for the entire engine bay

We've been receiving an increasing number of calls with problems related to the pieces in this kit - a seized actuator has been causing limp mode, a failed N75 valve has been causing a low boost condition, a weak MAF is causing low power and smoking, etc.
Most often the problem is solved with a combination of parts - for instance a malfunctioning N75 or leaking vacuum hose has not been able to keep the vacuum pressure required to move the actuator on the turbocharger, so the actuator arm has become stuck and also needs replacing. And if the turbocharger control system has been fixed but low power, bad economy may remain due to a weak MAF.
This kit covers all these possibilities, and at one time or another every car will require these pieces.
If you've been waiting replacing one or more of these items, order this kit.



Golf TDI MkIV (A4 chassis) w/ ALH Engine (1999-2003)
Jetta TDI MkIV (A4 chassis) w/ ALH Engine (1999-2003)
Jetta Wagon TDI (A4 chassis) w/ ALH Engine (2002-2003)
New Beetle TDI (A4 chassis) w/ ALH Engine (1998-2003)on




Limp Mode Repair Kit Bosch (ALH)

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