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PD150 Complete Kit, delete your EGR, ASV and upgrade your intake manifold all in one. 

You don't need to buy anything else, this includes EVERYTHING for a simple remove and replace install for the BEW and BHW.

Save yourself the time and filthy job of cleaning your intake manifold while improving the performance of your TDI at the same time! This kit includes a PD150 intake manifold, 50 MM billet aluminum race pipe and an EGR Cooler Delete kit.


This is a remove and replace kit that replaces the EGR and ASV.

All of the gasket surfaces on the intake manifold have been machined flat to assure zero boost leaks. 




  • 1 Remanufactured  PD150 Intake Manifold

  • 1 50 MM Aluminum Race Pipe with Boost Port Machined from a solid piece of aluminum (no welds)

  • 1 New Intake manifold gasket

  •  Improved intake manifold bolts (6)

  • 1 EGR Cooler Delete kit including .25" thick block off plate and OEM Metal gasket for the turbo outlet

  • Revised vacuum diagram to delete your N18 (for a cleaner look under the hood)

  • Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamp 


  • Block off and Boost Port Grub Screw

  • New Elbow pipe to replace the leaky stock one



This is the easiest and most cost effective upgrades you can perform on your TDI  




Reduces inlet air temperatures = more power


Prevents inlet and turbo from clogging up


Polished Aluminum Finish


CNC Machined


Made in Germany

Manifold ASV Delete PD150, BEW

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