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This Exhaust Gas Temperature gauge (EGT) has a 2200F range. Watching EGTs is vital to all heavily modified TDIs. High EGTs can lead to premature turbocharger failure. While the gauge reads up to 2,200F, we recommended keeping EGTs below 1,600F at all times to ensure long turbocharger life.


This gauge comes complete with a wiring kit a long reach probe. Block off plate that is pre-tapped for the EGT long reach probe for a quick and easy installation. 


Range: -200 ~ 1300℃ (-328 ~ 2372℉)

Temperature Display: F

Dimensions: 3.1" x 1.7" x 1"

LED Color: Red 

Input: K Type



Guage, EGT Plate, Gasket, EGT Probe, wiring and pinch nuts


Digital EGT Gauge Kit

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