PD150 Intake Manifold with Race Pipe, this is the
gearbox facing version (engine code 1Z, BHW and AHU)

 Remanufactured in Germany,  the surfaces where the gaskets are mounted have been machined back to Volkswagen spec to eliminate the possibility for a boost leak. 

Included is a revised vacuum diagram to delete your N18 and simplify hose routing for a very clean look under your hood.


New intake gasket, turbo outlet gasket and parts to delete your EGR cooler


This is the easiest and most cost effective upgrades you can perform on your TDI  


Reduces inlet air temperatures = more power

Prevents inlet and turbo from clogging up

Polished Aluminum Finish

CNC Machined

Made in Germany

PD150 Intake Manifold Race Pipe Upgrade