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PD150 Race Pipe (57mm) 




Stainless Steel Hardware


Boost Port Banjo and Plug



Includes a diagram to delete your N18 to simplify vacuum hose routing which allows for more pull on your Turbo Actuator. 






Race Pipe PD150 (ALH/BEW)

  • Product Info

    Fits ALL VW / Audi / Seat and Skoda Vehicles with the PD130 (ASZ), PD150 (ARL) and PD160 Engines

    Reduces inlet air temperatures = more power

    Prevents inlet and turbo from clogging up

    Polished Aluminum Finish

    CNC Machined

    Made in the USA

     These can also be fitted to any other 1.9 TDI Engine when using a PD130/PD150 Inlet Manifold

     This kit consists of:


    223Racing Race Pipe (57mm Diameter)
    Turbo Outlet Blanking Plate 
    Vented Grub Screw (Boost Gauge Takeoff)
    Grub Screw (to block Boost Port)
    O-Ring Seal
    Mikalor 60mm Stainless Steel Hose Clamp



    Our unique Grub Screw design allows for the neatest possible install, removing the bulky brass fitting found on other EGR Delete Kits. The tiny hole also eliminates the need to fit an 'in-line' reducer to stop the boost gauge from fluttering under heavy load. The design also means that customers who will not be using the boost takeoff will have a clean looking install.

    For the 1.9 PD105, this should only be used if you want to remove the EGR Valve AND ASV


    Please Note: Once the valve is either removed or blanked off the vehicles ECU will no longer get a signal from the EGR Valve causing a check engine light.
    This will fit vehicles with the following engine codes


     VW Golf Mk4 - ASZ 130, ARL 150

     VW Golf Mk5 - BXF 90, BKC / BXE 105

     VW Golf Mk5 Plus - BXF 90, BKC / BXE 105

     VW Bora - ASZ 130, ARL 150

     VW Caddy - BJB 105 

     VW Polo - ASZ / BLT 130

    VW Sharan - ASZ 130

    VW Jetta - BKC / BXE 105

     VW Passat - BKC / BXE 105

     VW Passat B5 / B5.5 - AVF / AWX 130

     VW Transporter T5 - AXC 85 & AXB 105

     VW Sharan - AUY / BVK 115, ASZ 130 & BTB 150 

     Seat Leon - BXF 90, BKC / BXE 105, ASZ 130, ARL 150

     Seat Toledo -  BKC / BJB / BXE 105, ASZ 130, ARL 150

     Seat Ibiza - ASZ / BLT 130, BUK / BPX 160 (Cupra)

     Seat Altea - BKC / BXE / BJB 105

     Seat Alhambra - AUY / BVK 115, ASZ 130 & BTB 150

     Audi A3 8L - ASZ 130

     Audi A3 8P - BKC / BXE / 105

     Audi A4 - AVF / AWX 130

     Audi A6 - AVF / AWX 130

     Skoda Fabia - BSW / 105, ASZ / BLT 130

     Skoda Octavia - BKC / BXE / BJB 105, ASZ 130

     Skoda Roomster - BSW 105

  • Return and Refund Policy

    TDI Upgrades Return Policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it within 15 days from the date of purchase, we charge a 20% restocking fee. Items must be in original packaging and in new condition. 

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