Factory fresh VNT-17 turbos from Kode made for the PD engine in A4 cars (engine code BEW). The VNT-17 is a significant upgrade from the original Borg-Warner KP-39 turbo, allowing you to run higher boost levels and, many believe, providing superior durability. This turbo was original equipment on the PD150 Jetta and Golf in Europe. The VNT-17 bolts up exactly like the stock turbo, fits the stock exhaust flange, and does not require an adapter pipe to the intercooler. Installing this turbo requires replacing your EGR cooler lower pipe or deleting the EGR cooler.  Equipped with the plug in smart actuator. 


  • GT22 360 deg Thrust upgrade  3x wider bearing surface!  for increased reliability 

  • improved journal bearing design (additional lubrication channels)

  • Step gap turbine end piston ring for improved chra oil sealing.

  • Billet Compressor Impeller


Includes new studs, copper pinch nuts, downpipe gasket and manifold gasket


No Core Charge





Kode warranties its turbos for 12 months from date of purchase, regardless of mileage. Warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis, where Kode determines the cause of failure and whether it's a manufacturing, installation, or operating defect.  Warranty covers self installs, proof of oil and oil filter change  needed at the time of install using VW 505.00 oil of any brand.  Oil filter brand is of no significance. 



BEW TDI PD150 VNT-17 Billet Wheel Turbocharger