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This turbo is "the big one" capable of pushing over 200 HP.  Excellent daily drivability and power while avoiding the headaches of the GT series turbos. 


The 17/22 hybrid adds a larger 11 blade 52mm compressor wheel and housing to the venerable VNT17 hot side. The compressor supports higher flow rates at high RPM compared with the original turbo.


One of the best combinations weve tested includes this turbo, with a Colt Cam (stage 2 ALH cam), PP764 or larger injectors, 2.5-inch turbo-back exhaust, Turbo Inlet Pipe and PD150 intake manifold. With the cam and exhaust helping the low-end response of the bigger turbo while reducing the compressor noise at higher boost levels. These turbos also work well in cars that are otherwise completely stock. 



Exhaust Manifold Gasket

Studs and Copper Pinch Nuts


When you use this turbo you should also have:

  • Stage 3+ tuning (custom is recommended)
  • 3 bar map sensor
  • Custom intercooler piping
  • EGT gauge is recommended



Kode warranties its turbos for 12 months from date of purchase, regardless of mileage. Warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis, where Kode determines the cause of failure and whether it's a manufacturing, installation, or operating defect.  Kode warranty covers self installs, proof of oil and oil filter change  needed at the time of install using VW 505.00 oil of any brand.  Oil filter brand is of no significance. 

Turbocharger, Billet Wheel Hybrid, VNT-17/22

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